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Now instead of alienating a person we are still connected and can get somewhere higher in our understanding of each other. The 8 Spokes to the Dharma Wheel, or you might see Dharmachakra wheel, are below and they don't go in any order of priority as they keep coming around: 1.

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Higher View - seeing things as they really are without any false illusions, that life is transient involving change and suffering and the only thing we can control is our relationship to that in order to feel mroe free, at peace, happy 2 Higher Thinking - we are what we think therefore what we think ,determines our course of action, so to find happiness and spread happiness, think higher thoughts 3. Higher Speech - speaking from an authentic place inside of us, who in us is speaking? What part of us?

Are we speaking from a place of love or are we calling for love? In which case be real, refrain from gossip or idle chatter. Higher Action - is our action beneficial to others not just our limited egos? Higher Effort - can we be consistent, steady, enthustiastic on this path and train our minds to be positive. Can we stabilise our mind, see our thoughts, examine what our needs are and move in the world from that space with greater awarenss to our impact on those around us in how we think, what we say, how we move.

Can we truly see things as they are without being led astray by ignorance, greed, anger etc. Higher Concentration - can we learn to meditate so we relax our minds to a Samadhic state of being calm, blissful , become profoundly absorped in our nature of being as much as we are in absorped in the nature of doing.

Generally attributed to Nietzsche, this is a quotation from Curtis Cate's Friedrich Nietzsche: A Biography and is the author's interpretation of Nietzsche's Aphorism Beyond Good and Evil Meaning and morality of one's life come from within oneself. Healthy, strong individuals seek self-expansion by experimenting and by living dangerously. Life consists of an infinite number of possibilities, and the healthy person explores as many of them as possible. Religions that teach pity, self-contempt, humility, self-restraint and guilt are incorrect. The good life is ever-changing, challenging, devoid of regret, intense, creative, and risky.

Attributed to Nietzsche on quotes sites and on social media, the original quotation is from An Introduction to the History of Psychology by B. Hergenhahn , page and is the author's summary of Nietzsche's ideas: "The meaning and morality of one's life come from within oneself. Healthy, strong individuals seek self-expansion by experimenting, by living dangerously.

Life consists of an almost infinite number of possibilities, and the healthy person the superman explores as many of them as possible. Religions or philosophies that teach pity, humility, submissiveness, self-contempt, self-restraint, guilt, or a sense of community are simply incorrect.

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We seem mostly to be motivated by our immediate desires.

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Could this be analogous to the use of fossil fuels? We just wanted to drive somewhere, not thinking about harming our planet? Could the Internet be causing a loss of freedoms inadvertently? For example, we are not certain how our government operates in regard to this entirely revolutionary technology that our species has created. We can never be certain, because true transparency does not and maybe should not exist. That is a paradoxical situation that I do not know the answer to! In a republican democracy such as ours, we citizens must be vigilant! That is, we must work together with the government to ensure our best interests are always at heart!

The Social Era is perfectly suited for the task. It would seem then, that two integral features of the human character—connection and expression—have been forever changed, for the better or worse, by the online world and digital technology. This change was accompanied with a transformation in the powers available to businesses and governments worldwide. We cannot let the essence of our rights by preyed upon by the nature of online connections.

It is absolutely imperative that we work to reconcile our rights with the online world, else we risk losing them. Does the government or, for that matter, Google slivering their way into the totality of content and metadata conceived in the Social Era, might they constitute what could be called an unreasonable search a priori by definition? When the American Republic first illuminated the world with universal human rights, events were set in motion that would make the U.

With utmost vigilance, the American Republic has fought to protect the rights and liberties it affords not just to its own people but to other nations and peoples in their pursuit of freedom. I think it is our duty as citizens to safeguard our constitutional rights, that for which our forefathers shed their blood in the fight for our freedom. The Internet has redefined the rules of human communication. As such, we need to help our representatives work out how to maintain the spirit of our Republic in this new Social Era in which we live.

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SELF I Me Mine Ours Illusions Yogi Shanti Desai

I'll introduce myself to you by sharing what will become an open secret: Tom Hemmings is not my real name. At my work, it is very easy to get in trouble for what I say online. So for now, I am trying to stay under the radar. That being said, I'm 25 years old, have a BA in Philosophy, and am putting a most sincere effort into pursuing my lifelong dream: to be a successful author.

I was raised in a family with traditional Italian, "family first" values. I like to think I embody those values, but put "modern twist" to them.

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I was also raised Catholic but would have appreciated the opportunity to choose what religion to follow, if any at all! My father is a veteran of the Iraq war, just as his father was a vet of WWso I'm a staunch supporter of our troops and all the military families out there!

My passions include writing, learning, and soccer. I have not previously had any work published before but am hopeful that this will be the first of many! Coming in America Difference. Expert Online Teachers. Fair Use Statement. Repository edit. Repository search.

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Web Literacy. All history. Module One Directory - Is there a conflict between science and religion?

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More Resources. A Woman's Worth. Adding Relational Accountability to the Ethics of Care. After the Presentation.

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