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Can I say "At the front of the house"? Quidam Quidam 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 14 14 bronze badges.

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I've parked the car in front of the house. There's a sundial at the front of the house.

Life at the Front | Modbury Remembers

The kitchen is at the front of the house. Where it gets more complicated is when we have sentences like: There's a garden at the front of the house.

There's a garden in front of the house. There's a garden at the front of the house. Let's have another example: I like sitting at the front of the car.

Be aware that "in front of" and "in the front of" have different meanings: You can't have a child's sit in the front of the car. Laure Laure 4, 1 1 gold badge 16 16 silver badges 36 36 bronze badges.

Front Lines - Nurses at the Front

Every problem has a point value. A problem is complete after you grab the top rail. Any time you fail attempting a problem, subtract the fall value from your final score for that problem if you end up completing it.

Philosophers at the Front

The event fall value is posted on your score card and may differ between each event. You can only score once for each problem. Your final score is the sum of your top five problem scores. First and foremost, our comps are meant to be fun and to establish camaraderie within our community.

These are a great way to meet and climb with those who share your love of the sport.

At the Front of the March

We encourage you to be supportive of your fellow climber. First time? Agents have lectured at seminars, briefed administrators in campus meetings and distributed pamphlets with cautionary tales of trade secret theft. The emails show administrators mostly embracing FBI warnings, requesting briefings for themselves and others.


But they also reveal some struggling to balance legitimate national security concerns against their own eagerness to avoid stifling research or tarnishing legitimate scientists. The Justice Department says it appreciates that push-pull and wants only to help universities separate the relatively few researchers engaged in theft from the majority who are not. The effort comes amid a deteriorating relationship between the U. American officials have long accused China of stealing trade secrets from U. The National Institutes of Health has sent dozens of letters in the past year warning schools of researchers it believes may have concealed grants received from China, or improperly shared confidential research information. The Justice Department launched last year an effort called the China Initiative aimed at identifying priority trade secret cases and focusing resources on them.