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It literally takes 5 minutes to integrate a gratitude practice into your daily life.

20 Universal Truths About Life We Have to Remember

Whatever comes to my mind, I write down in a quick list format. The key to getting the most bang for your buck from this exercise is to allow yourself to experience the feeling of gratitude. Work on self-awareness. Becoming familiar with your moods, motivations and deepest desires are critical if you want to live a meaningful, abundant, and productive life. If you have a strong negative reaction to something, take note of it and figure out why.

50 Alain De Botton Quotes That Reveal Harsh Truths About Humans | HighExistence

Take responsibility for your life. Blaming external circumstances on not being happy with yourself or your life will keep you stuck, frustrated, and angry. Believe in your own abilities.

Stop worrying what other people think of you. Spending time on such a trivial activity will not only drain your energy but will keep you from getting to the best parts of yourself. Become a better listener. Whether with an old friend, a stranger, a family member, or in business, learn the art of listening and asking just a few well thought-out questions. Becoming an excellent listener will enable you to develop more intimate and deeper connections.

We live in a culture that places a high priority on expertise and productivity.


It will open up so many possibilities for you. Practice forgiveness. So many of us are holding deep grudges and hurt inside—even when apologies have taken place.

Verses on God’s Promises

The inability to forgive others is usually a sign of not being able to forgive yourself. Own and develop your creativity. You can test for bias in areas such as gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation to discover whether you have a slight, moderate or strong bias in those areas and others. Be aware: The results may surprise you with indications of biases of which you were oblivious.

Using the earlier mentioned biases as examples, consider if that bias is influencing your behavior. Are you spending more time with team members who have a similar background to yours? Are you providing everyone on your team the same information through formal and informal channels? Are you using the same criteria for considering all candidates for a new position?

Are you open to new information even if it runs counter to your preference? When you have a decision to make that you now know may be affected by bias, walk through your thought process, and at each step, test it to see what assumptions got you there. Bounce your ideas off a trusted coach, colleague or peer accountability partner to get another opinion.

Look for unconscious bias in your organization. Who is missing from the leadership and why?

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Then be intentional to address it, with the courage and commitment it takes to make sustainable change. Unconscious bias might not go away completely, but by understanding and identifying it, you can be more certain that the decisions you make are not taking place in a blind spot.

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